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Nathan Dies is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer from São Paulo, Brazil, currently based in Brooklyn, NYC. They fuse their cultural background from acapela prayers to 30’s Brazilian Samba and early 2000’s Pop to create an expressive mix of dreamy plastic synths with acoustic instruments. 

Nathan’s career started in the Brazillian Indie Rock scene performing in multiple venues and festivals with band Bacos, before studying at Berklee College of Music, where they adopted orchestral instruments, art pop and playful experimental sounds into their distinct aesthetic. 

Since their move to Brooklyn in 2020, Nathan taught music production classes at Roads to Success, worked as an assistant engineer for producer Scotty Hard and as a sound engineer and audio editor for Breaking Sound. In 2021 they released their debut record Instinto and performed shows at venues as The Cutting Room, Berlin Under A and LMCC’s Art Center in Governor’s Island.


As a sound designer, Nathan developed the audio reactive sounds for the Futures exhibit at the Smithsonian Art & Industries Building and prototypes for the Illuminarium in Atlanta working for the Lab at Rockwell Group. As a part of the creative team, they developed sound for Nona Hendryx’s and Chagall’s live interactive performance Dream Machine and composed and performed the soundtrack for Every Morning a New Arrival by Lauren Altman that debuted at the Art She Says gallery in 2021. 

Currently Nathan is producing songs for new artists, working on songs for their solo project and playing shows in New York as a solo artist and bassist / electronics performer for acts as Alici and Washburn and The River. 

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