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Instinto (2021) released with Selo Rockambole. 8 original self-produced tracks exploring different textures and instrumentations that are dear to me.

Credits: Composition, vocals, production, guitars, basses, synths, engineering. 

Smithsonian's new exhibit FUTURES is a part-exhibition, part festival that helps visitors imagine many possible futures in the horizon. I was a part of the Lab at Rockwell Group team that developed the experience as composer and sound designer for user responsive sounds.

Credits: Sound design, composition. 

Acoustic version of my debut record Instinto performed live. Rearranged the album with cellist Kely Pinheiro so we could perform shows that kept the feeling of the album in a different format.

Credits: Composition, arrangement, engineering, vocals and guitar.

Writing for film is something I love doing. Translating the emotion and aesthetics of a director into sound is a gratifying task. Transporting the viewer to experience that story is always satisfying.

Credits: Composer, arranger, producer, performer, mix and master.

The Latin America Vive Festival was a fulfilling moment for me. Through an audition process I was selected to represent Brazil. Arranged one of my original songs for a large ensemble and got to perform it to over 400 people.

Credits: Composer, arranger, singer, bassist.

For the Gyrosound immersive project, Pedro Sodré and I developed a system in which dancers shape music and soundscape through gestures created with their bodies. The interactive music system allows the user to interact with the soundscape in a spatialized audio environment using data from their phone’s gyroscope sensors.

Credits: Concept, programming, sound design.

4am letter, original piece composed and arranged for string quintet.

Credits: Composer, arranger, mix and master.

Dream Machine was a live interactive performance in a game engine idealized by Nona Hendryx. The piece was executed and performed by Hendryx, Chagall and a selected group of Berklee College of Music students. That gave me the opportunity to compose video game sound design and music while also exploring softwares such as Wwise and Unity. 

Credits: Sound design, creation team.

When I moved to the U.S. I had an urge to write music in English so I could communicate more with my audiences. 45 Rotations is special for me because it is the first song I released, self-produced and sang in English. I loved the opportunity to shoot this music video for it. Produced for the Berklee Together Series during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Credits: Composer, arranger, producer, bassist and vocalist.

manny moura invited me to do a Valentine’s Day special collab in 2019. We had a lot of fun producing the music and video together. Her peculiar personality as an artist vividly creates her own world. I loved the process of thinking of every sound and note so they would belong there.

Credits: Producer, mix, master and video production.

Under the Skin foley and re-score study. 

Credits: Sound design, composition, mix and master.

Remix I made of ROSABEGE’s TRABALHO for the remix version of their album IMAGEM. I was very careful with my sample choices, sound designing and effect chains to get to a place I was proud of - a place that respected their vision but also brought something new to the song. 

Credits: Remix

Passarinho is my first orchestral piece. I was imagining a bird that flies around with a flock and gets lost. Then eventually finds the flock and navigates happily. This simple concept allowed me to write lightly and enjoy every step and instrument of the compositional process.  

Credits: Composer, arranger, programming.

Just Go  is a composition by indie harmonica player and singer Sarah Meyz that I had the pleasure to co-produce. She had a clear vision of what she wanted for the song and it was awesome to add layers and tweak sounds to help her get the song where she wanted it.

Credits: Producer

Amor Hi-Fi music video was produced by me with a group of friends that work in the film industry in São Paulo, during the summer of 2018. I learned a lot about the roles and processes required to make a production happen. We were a huge team, working passionately on a low budget project, and it was amazing to be a part of it.

Credits: Composer, producer, arranger, performer.

Por Causa de Você is a collab with multimedia artist Haley Morgan Miller. Using Isadora, Kinect and samples of and old performance by Caetano Veloso, we developed a system that allows the user to control visuals with their movement.

Credits: Remix, creation team.

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